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Aims and Objectives.

  • To develop long-term employment opportunities for those who are disadvantaged and may not otherwise access services. This will be facilitated by networking with, and partnering organisations, where the exchange of financial payments and/or contributions in kind i.e. sharing premises, or other co-operative arrangements (depending upon formal/informal contractual agreements) will facilitate service provision and quality assurance.

  • To follow the guiding principals of Agenda 21 and to develop these objectives through sustainability whether social or environmental. All of the aims of this organisation are designed to raise the awareness of participants about Agenda 21 issues.

  • To develop working arrangements which can disseminate specialist knowledge, skills and resources both locally and globally leading to needs-met outcomes.

  • It has become more important than ever before to extend the services of the Self Direction Community Project to the entire electronic global community for we have learned that to separate this organisation as a disability led and run project would serve to create exclusion. It is in the interests of society that opportunities for inclusion exist on every level.

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