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Inside the research area there is a short training module which should only take a few minutes to read through and answer the questions. At the end of the module there is a feedback form where you can leave your comments about the training content and the site accessibility and design. Your feedback and comments will allow us to alter the way in which this living website works and to improve its design and accessibility on a regular basis.

Self Direction Community Project was funded until June 2001 for this research project, to look into the best, most accessible ways of providing accessible e-learning. We view access to training and information to be of equal importance to physical access - this will serve to break down barriers that create exclusion.

This research has steered the eventual site development for the main Disability Equality and Diversity Training site. We are now able to offer an online comprehensive and interactive training programme for which nationally recognised accreditation is being sought.

This website has been designed to be accessible to all users, and is receiving worldwide recognition from many disability related groups and organisations. Several universities are interested in the research that is being carried out regarding Internet accessibility as this ties in well with their distance learning programmes.

Other recognition includes acceptance as an entry into the Stockholm Challenge competition, and in July 2001 the Project Manager of Self Direction was invited to speak at the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) during the Agora XII Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece on the subject of 'mental and psychological disabilities: medical fact or social construction?'

We welcome feedback from everybody, especially:

  • Companies and organisation who may be interested in Disability Awareness Training for their staff to ensure that their company does not breach any aspect of Disability Rights through a lack of knowledge.

  • Individuals who are interested in online accessibility or disability related issues.

  • Students who are interested in adding another skill to their portfolio which will prove useful to future employers, and one that will prepare them for the changes taking place in society.

  • People with disabilities who wish to contribute to the training material, or add insights from personal experience.

  • Universities and colleges wishing to examine the site because it complements their research programmes, and who may wish to purchase educational licenses to use our e learning packages.

  • Health Professionals interested in this research who need to address all of the above issues and may wish to purchase multiple licenses for staff training.

  • Public Authorities wishing to support the Disability Rights Commission in introducing “The Duty to Promote Disability Equality : Statutory Code of Practice” who may wish to purchase multiple licenses for staff training

Thank you for your support.

Be a Research Assistant Read the Research Report


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