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Who We Help...

This organisation has a past track record of working with people who come from the disability and disadvantaged sector. These are

  • long-term unemployed
  • people with physical, psychiatric and emotional disabilities
  • people with sensory loss and impairment
  • those whose first language is not English e.g. profoundly deaf people
  • elderly people.

It also includes others from disadvantaged categories such as:

  • travellers
  • those who have a history of substance abuse
  • those who are homeless
  • separated and divorced people
  • those with rural and social isolation e.g. one parent families/house bound carers
  • gay and lesbian people,
  • people with diverse ethnicity / cultural differences,
  • people with gender confusion,
  • and people recognising that they need assistance in reintegrating back into society e.g. ex-offenders, and people recently made redundant


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